Height Adjustable Desks

Height Adjustable Desks

Our height adjustable desks and work stations allow you to move between sitting and standing easily, to boost your health. Perfect for at home or in the office, these versatile desks mean you can choose whether to stand up or sit down while you work. We stock a variety of colours, styles and finishes so you will be able to find something to fit in perfectly with your office.

Browse our Range of Height Adjustable & Standing Desks

Whether you are looking for one sit-stand desk for your home office or would like to update your entire business with new height adjustable desks, we are here to help. All our height adjustable and standing desks are easy to adjust, many using an electric motor to change the height, so it’s simple to move from sitting to standing. Take a look at our full range to see everything we have to offer.

Boost your Productivity & Health with our Sit, Stand Desks

Office workers spend on average around 75% of their day sitting down. Prolonged sitting has been proven to negatively impact your health so sit-stand desks are a great idea, giving you the flexibility to choose how long you spend sitting or standing. Standing burns more calories than sitting, so a standing desk can help you maintain a healthy weight while also helping reduce back pain associated with sitting for prolonged periods. Sit-stand desks can also improve your mental wellbeing and increase productivity and creativity, so overall they are a fantastic investment.

Why Choose Re:Work?

At Re:Work our company ethos goes beyond just making a profit. As well as supplying our customers with the best office furniture on the market, we also want to help support the environment. We achieve this by reusing and repurposing used office furniture that would otherwise have gone to landfill, giving it a new lease of life, and selling it at an affordable price. We also offer ethically sourced new furniture, so whatever you are looking for we will be able to help. We can also provide services in design and planning, installation and the removal of any old, unwanted furniture. Get in touch for more information.