About Us

The Re:Work & Workspace Story...


  Meet our founder and MD Caroline Wherritt. Where back in 2007, she walked past a skip full of office furniture in Leeds and wondered why someone wasn’t trying to reuse it. Less than a year later, Caroline started a Social Enterprise called Re:Work, with three main aims:

  • to provide employment opportunities to people who find it hard to get into work;
  • to re-use and re-purpose office furniture that would otherwise have gone to landfill;
  • and to run a profitable and sustainable business that could support these social and environmental aims.

   Fast forward to today and that ethos is still running strong through Workspace, who acquired the Re-Work brand in 2023. We now call this our ‘Purpose’.

We work with businesses big and small to create Inspirational workspaces whilst having a long-lasting and positive impact on the environment, society and the economy. Our Purpose - to create a social benefit, an environmental benefit and generate a profit which enhances these social and environmental aims.

We have developed a number of services to complement our furniture ranges, including our in-house planning & layout service, and a fully bespoke Interior Design service, helping our clients in the new and changing workplace environment. 

Our aim is to become the best and most loved office furniture company in the North. We love what we do and we think you will too.