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Used Desk Screens

Check out our Range of Second-Hand Desk Screens

Our used and second-hand desk screens, office partitions and desk dividers are perfect at creating quieter, safer and more private working environments. At Re:Work we are on a mission to not only provide our customers with high quality, affordable office furniture but to also help save the environment by reducing waste. All our second-hand furniture is repurposed to our extremely high standards, giving it a new lease of life, and preventing it from ending up in landfill. By buying from our used desk screens range you will be saving yourself money while also helping us save the planet. We have a wide variety of both desk top screens and floor standing screens, great for offices of all sizes. Take a look at our full range of desk screens to see everything we have to offer.

Office Partitions & Desk Dividers

We have a wide range of office partitions and desk dividers to help provide your space with undisturbed areas, perfect for internal and external meetings. Splitting large office spaces up into smaller areas with desk screens, office partitions and desk dividers can also be highly beneficial in reducing noise and aiding concentration for your employees so they can really focus on the task at hand, even if they are sharing a desk.


Home Office Spaces

As well as being a great addition to a commercial office space, desk screens also have multiple uses in a home office environment. They can be used to split a room into different areas so multiple family members can share the same space. They also help create a professional backdrop for online and in-person meetings while working from home.


Easy Removal and Delivery

As well as providing you with your furniture and delivering it straight to your door we can also help with everything from the design and planning of your whole office space to the installation of your new furniture. We also offer additional services in the removal and ethical disposal of any old, unwanted furniture, saving you any hassle.