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Desk Screens

View our Range of Desk Screens

Our desk screens, office partitions and desk dividers are great at reducing noise and creating a safer and more secure working environment for your employees. We have a wide variety of both desk top screens and floor standing screens, so whatever you’re looking for we’ll help you find something to suit your needs. At Re:Work we pride ourselves on providing only the very best furniture that is both durable and long-lasting as well as being great value for money. Take a look at our full range of desk screens to see what we have to offer.


Create a Safer Working Environment with our Office Partitions

We have a range of office partitions to help create safer, undisturbed, private areas perfect for important client meetings. These office partitions are also useful for dividing large office spaces into smaller, more secluded areas, great if you have multiple different departments all working in the same room but still want to encourage concentration and focus.


Reduce Noise with our Desk Dividers

Large business premises and offices often experience difficulties with noise travelling throughout the space. Our desk dividers can help solve this problem by reducing noise and creating quiet, personal areas where staff can feel undisturbed, even when sharing a desk with others.


Home Office Spaces

As well as being useful for businesses, our desk screens are also the perfect addition to your home office. They’ll help to create a more professional feel to the room and add privacy when multiple family members are sharing the same space.


Easy Removal and Delivery

At Re:Work we want to make buying high quality office furniture as easy as possible for you, which is why we offer additional services in everything from design and planning to delivery and installation. We can also take away and ethically dispose of any of your old, unwanted office furniture, leaving your space clear for your new purchases.  

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Re-Work is Changing.... 

As of the 5th December 2023, some of Re-Works assets, including the website and Database have been acquired by Workspace Furniture & Design Ltd as Re-Work the company will be closing down.

You can still put items in your Wish List or call our team (who are all the same people still), as we are trying to keep as much the same as we can for now, the company details will simply change to Workspace. 

Our showroom has closed temporarily as we have moved premises. 

We thank you for your continued support and custom - we hope to catch you on the Workspace side soon!

The Old Re-Work Team.

0113 272 1341