New Cold

New Cold is building a European network of large scale cold stores, to serve top frozen food producing companies  and were looking to order furniture for our new Facility, which would not only be practical, but had style and substance. We were keen to find a local supplier, but one who could provide the quality of furniture at the competitive prices that we were looking for. We identified potential suppliers and we contacted several of them, we then shortlisted three, who we visited to better understand the service that they could offer and their ability to meet our specification whilst offering the flexibility that we demanded.

From these visits we were immediately impressed by the desire of the sales team at Rework, they worked to understand our requirements and discussed various options, without pushing for a sale immediately. From this initial meeting Chris Corns visited our new facility during the build and sat with us to go through the plans of the site and our initial requirements, Chris then went on to create a detailed quotation, which we which we duly assessed, Chris offered us multiple options taking into consideration, quality, style and pricing and suggesting items or designs that we hadn’t previously considered.

From this visit we created our initial order, which the team were prompt to act upon.  After a few more changes from us, to the specification and further conversations with the patient sales team at Rework, we placed our order.

The guys were working under a tight lead time, but managed our expectations from the start and worked with their suppliers to ensure everything was delivered ahead of expectation.

The installation team from Rework, installed all the furniture expertly and efficiently, within a day and a half and took all of the packaging and materials with them when they left.

We have since returned to Rework for more furniture, due to an unforeseen change in our circumstances, and not only did they replicate the previous levels of service, they also helped us with some short term rental requirements to cover the lead time of the furniture.

Jon Miles         

Operations Support Director