Lead Tech

Lead Tech specialises in helping their partners grow though customer acquisition strategies; providing them with client introductions at the right time and in the right volume to achieve maximum ROI. We attended the new site to scope out the building and get a feel for the services Lead Tech required in order for them to offer their customers and clients a more welcoming and professional environment. We established that Lead Tech wanted to make use of all our services, including sourcing and supplying of furniture products. We helped create a design which would leave a lasting impression, and chose the most suitable furniture for the space.

To ensure we were on the same page as Lead Tech, we listened carefully to the team’s needs and put together a proposal and design, which we presented to the Lead Tech board.

Discussing the requirements and tweaking the spec was the next stage.

Following this, we delivered and installed the furniture for the main offices, the boardroom, the kitchen and the training and meeting rooms. Once the Lead Tech team had confirmed that they were completely happy with the design of the space, style and quality of the furniture, we arranged the quick and easy removal of the old furniture from our sister company Re:Work.

Re-Work were the obvious choice for us and have been a real tonic to our office re-deign. From the first meeting with Jenna and Pete through to installation and completion; the service provided has been nothing but brilliant, a pleasure to work with.

Gemma David - Project Leader and Finance Manager

We put together a range of Mood Boards and Interior Design styles for the space to follow, including a reception area which gave the right first impression to staff and visitors.
The main office area was split over a couple of sub levels, allowing for the team to be seperated by department, however Lead Tech wanted to ensure that they could still communicate and share ideas so we put a range of low soft seating options around the main desking areas.
Lead Tech were keen to ensure that the staff felt valued and had all the best facilities to hand, including a full fitted kitchen area with facilities which we designed to look like a juice bar with brightly coloured seating, both high and low.