EBOR GARDENS - Creating a better environment


Having done quite a bit of work with Wellspring Academy previously - reception areas, school offices, we were asked to go and help Ebor Primary Academy in Leeds.

The principle and Vice Principle walked us around the staff area, and explained that wanted something multi functional - somewhere for staff to have breaks and relax, somewhere to have the team briefing viewing the TV on the wall, different types of seating, sofa style and table style.

What we noticed immediately was that it was an extension of the classroom, bright colours and notice boards that reflected a classroom.



We gave them some mood board ideas on how they might soften the harsh colours down, to create a more soothing and relaxing environment that would become their staff's space away from the 'classroom' environment.

They still wanted to keep on brand with colours, and the Wellspring brand has 5 or 6 colours in it. We paired it back to 2 colours that would complement, so that it still had the brand theme, but wasn't too much going on.

We gave them two layouts to choose from, and thought carefully about where items would go, by bringing in some modular seating, we were conscious not to take more table seating away, so moved things around and suggested a range of quality furniture that will stand the vigours of a well used area.




It was great to work Closely with Lee and Natalie, they were keen to get it right for the staff, and really involved in the process. They visited the showroom after the initial drawings were provided, so they could choose the range of furniture and fabrics first hand, and look at the furniture they wanted to buy, see the quality and make informed decisions about what they were getting for their money. It was important to work with the budget, but make sure they got the best quality and look that was right for them.