Working From Home

Published: 29 October 2020

Working from home is the new normal, and reliable home office furniture is key to ensuring you can do your best work, productively and comfortably is key to being successful. Create your own designated work area, with the right equipment to help you avoid distractions and ensure you’re sitting comfortably for the duration of your working day.

The right chair makes all the difference. Did you know most dining chairs aren’t built for long periods of use? Our range of new and used office chairs provide the right cushioning, support, adjustment and movement to allow you to sit in comfort for longer periods allowing you to focus on your work. Don’t give yourself a bad back sitting on the wrong chair, check out our range today:

Give yourself the workspace you need, our range of desks give you a space free from distractions. With a range of different heights, sizes and designs, (with storage or without) we’ve something for every home office. With some fantastic new designs, and great value used options you’ll find your perfect match.