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The Importance of Sustainability

Published: 18 June 2020

The Importance of Sustainability

Sustainability is something everyone has been talking about recently, and here at Re:Work we’ve always taken it seriously, as it forms one of our objectives as a Social Enterprise.

For the last 13 years, we have been diverting office furniture from going into a skip or landfill by re-using as much as we can and re-selling it to a wide range of businesses and organisations around the North of England.

So how can we choose furniture that doesn’t just benefit us, but also helps the environment and future generation in the long run?

There are a few things that we can do to help:

The first one would be to reduce our waste, so instead of just throwing it out, can it be re-used? Here at Re:Work we offer a service to help with reducing office furniture waste through our ‘sell your office furniture’ programme.

We can also make choices when buying brand new furniture, so looking for items that have been made from recycled materials, or that can be recycled after their life cycle has ended… we look to procure all our New Furniture from sustainable resources with as high recycled content as possible.

A great example of a recycled product is the Gresham Vona conference chair. It is made of recycled Felt. To be more exact 60% recycled PP bottles and 40% non-woven textile. This design idea is not only reducing waste but is actually “re-working” it, by making these purchasing decisions you can help with buying more ‘sustainably’.

We can also freshen up our old furniture instead of throwing them out. For example, a wooden chair could be cleaned, sanded and repainted to give it a new fresh look. If we don’t want to do it ourselves or it is something more complicated there are many organisations or companies that can offer this, for example here at Re:Work we can recover your existing fabric chairs with new foams and fabrics.

So while it might seem complicated out there, we can help…
Our sustainability motto: ReduceReuseRecycle and of course Re:Work!!! 

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Re-Work is Changing.... 

Some of Re-Works assets, including the website and Database have been acquired by Workspace Furniture & Design Ltd as Re-Work the company will be closing down.

We have moved premises, and now have an Appointment Only Chair Showroom, where you can road test a wide range of seating options. Feel free to book in with us to pop down.

You can also still put items in your Wish List or call our team (who are all the same folk) We are trying to keep as much the same as we can for now, the company details will simply change to Workspace. 

We thank you for your continued support and custom - we hope to catch you on the Workspace side soon!

The Old Re-Work Team / New Workspace Team

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