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Why Recycle Your Furniture

Published: 1 August 2020

Why Recycle Your Furniture

The environment is having a vast positive effect from recycling unwanted furniture. By reusing unwanted furnishings, we are avoiding quality goods from being abandoned on landfills, creating difficulties for the environment.
Even though wood is a natural material it takes thirteen years to decompose, and longer for painted wood, and producing extra harm to the environment due to the harmful chemicals added. All these years of decomposing is taking its toll on the environment.
In most cases furnishings are being changed long before they’re due for upgrading. This is where recycling takes place. Passing on the unwanted items to people who can benefit from them gives the furniture a lengthier life and creates less impact on the environment.
Recycling furniture and fittings help reduce the carbon footprint we imbed on the environment, this is one reason of many to give us the inspiration to recycle, to help the environment to become more green and healthy. No matter how big or small the item- recycling is the way forward.
It’s crucial that as many people as possible partakes in helping the environment becoming a better place starting with recycling furniture!
Furniture waste has such a huge impact on the environment, recycling helps stop the rise in carbon footprints and reduces the need for raw materials helping rain forests remain as they’re.
So, do your part and recycle furniture.

By Alice-May Meynell

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